If you do not have a mental health problem like depression or anxiety, but you feel "stuck" and unable to attain some of your goals then coaching may help.

  • Do you feel like your children are driving you crazy and you don't know what to do?
  • Would you like to stand up to your boss and ask for a raise?
  • Do you do zero exercise? Did you try a "boot camp" but found what they wanted you to do was too intense, and not sustainable?
  • Have been unable to stop binge eating, emotional eating or mindless eating?
  • Would you like to give up smoking for good this time or reduce your drinking?
  • Are you tired of feeling like the quick fixes self-help gurus slap on you do not work for long? The new program stops, the old habits return and you are back at square one, but you feel worse this time because you feel like you have failed yet again.

  • I offer a coaching service to help my clients achieve their goals. Too often, my clients are really great about taking care of the needs of others, but not their own. If you have been unable to reach your goals by yourself, I can help.

    Routinely, clients will come in and tell me that the reason that they are overweight, still smoking, or not exercising is because they are lazy and unmotivated or have some other character flaw. They can be very hard on themselves. Their personality characteristics or IQ level are not usually the problem: the plan that they were trying to follow is often the problem.

    People wonder why they can not stay on the fad diet. Why can't they get to the gym? Knowing what you want to do and actually being able to carry out the plan successfully are two different skill sets. Behaviour change is a speciality of mine. We can work together to redesign your self-care program so that it is more doable, sustainable, fun and based on sound, clinically proven, skills and strategies; and not based on fads, myths or propaganda.

    We can meet in person, talk on the phone or book an online session.