Mindfulness has proven to be very effective in assisting people to eat in a more naturally healthy way. Healthy, in this case, meaning a way that is right for your lifestyle and your body.

Research trials on Mindful Eating have been on going in the USA for many years. One effective form of Mindful Eating treatment is called “Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training” or MB-EAT. This program was created by Dr. Jean Kristeller and colleagues in the USA. Heidi is one of the only psychologists in New Zealand who has completed the 5 day professional training with Dr. Kristeller on MB-EAT. Since 1999, studies have found that this group based, talk therapy, which uses mindfulness meditation is effective in helping people stop binge eating, emotional eating and mindless eating. It has also helped some people to lose weight.

Mindful eating involves use of meditation and mindfulness practices to build our capacity to be aware and to direct our attention to the present moment. With mindful eating, we can better observe our triggers to overeating and eating when we are not hungry. With mindfulness, we can develop a new, flexible relationship to food and eating. The use of mindful eating techniques can help us, with regular practise, to reconnect with our body’s own systems for hunger and fullness and to start to identify the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that lead us to overeat or eat when not hungry. By listening to what our body needs, we can move toward a more positive relationship with food and with our body.

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Through a partnership with a company called Mindfulness Works, Dr. Douglass offers an introductory class in Mindful Eating in Hamilton, New Zealand. This course consistently sold out in Hamilton in 2015 and we had requests to offer it in other cities. To meet this demand, Dr. Douglass has trained other facilitators for Mindfulness Works and this Mindful Eating programing will roll out to other cities in 2016. For more information about the Hamilton course, or courses in other cities, please check out this link:


Dr. Douglass has ​also ​created a new, advanced level, Mindful Eating course called Mindful Eating Plus+TM This course was designed specifically for people who have already completed the Introduction to Mindful Eating Course. Dr. Douglass ran th​is​ course ​for the first time in​ October 2015 and will offer it again in March 2016. For further information, please see our Upcoming Events page.

Mindful Eating Training

Mindful Eating Training

If your business, clinic, university or practice would
like to offer a program in Mindful ​E​ating for your clients or customers, Dr. Douglass can design a program to meet your needs.